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Research Topics


The research in the field of acoustics is focussed on the noise power characterization of combustion engines, the numerical calculation of sound radiating from ducts and the sound quality of exhaust systems. Some of the research programs are in collaboration with Bosal and are funded by the IWT. Sound power measurements on all sorts of equipment (electrical, electromechanical, HVAC) are performed in the anechoic room for industrial clients.


The research in the field of vibration is mainly concentrated on experimental and operational modal analysis. Advanced system identification and measurement methodologies have been developed to model the dynamic (vibration) behaviour of complex mechanical systems starting from input/output or output-only measurements. These models can be used to solve vibro-acoustical problems in cars, to assess damage in safety critical airplane components, for flight flutter analysis, ... The application field is mainly focussed on automotive and aeronautical industry. Our most important industrial research partners are ASCO Industries and LMS International. The research is essentially funded by the Flemish Institute for the Improvement of the Scientific and Technological Research in Industry (IWT), the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders (FWO), the Research Council (OZR) of our university and the European community.

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA, OMA, OMAX)

Most of the research is situated in the field of Experimental Modal Analysis. Advanced identification techniques - based on Maximum Likelihood concepts - have been developed in order to improve the experimental modeling of mechanical systems. These techniques can be applied to the so-called Operational Modal Analysis as well.

For more information on Maximum Likelihood techniques applied to modal analysis download ModalAnalysis.pdf.

Optical Measurement Techniques (OPTIMESS)

Our research group co-ordinates a Scientific Research Networks OPTIMESS, funded by the Fund for Scientific Research (Flanders), for the period 2004-2008. The aim of this network is to improve communication on scientific developments on optical measurement techniques for the characterization of the static and dynamic behavior of structures and systems.

For more information on OPTIMESS visit http://optimess.vub.ac.be. Up

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