Who is who?

The profile of the 2 villains working on this project:
First name: Willem
Last name: Deconinck

Date of birth: August 12th 1983
Sex: Male
Height: 1m78
Hair color: Dark blonde
Body: Well built
This villain is really really dangerous! His sadistic nature keeps scaring even the most horrible criminals away.
 The only way to keep him quiet is making him work on a musical and mechatronics project. Then his sadistic nature is repressed a little, but still a lot of caution is needed when approaching this man.

First name: Bram
Last name: Verkens

Date of birth: September 10th 1983
Sex: Male
Height: 1m75
Hair color: Dark brown
Body: Well built
Description: This man looks very good-hearted at first sight. But don't be fooled. He's the partner in crime with Willem Deconinck. He gladly tries to earn your trust and then stab you in the back with full force when you least expect it. So beware!

Who is who?
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