Tekstvak: Electronic circuits
The robot has to be able to move on the playfield. This is realised using two 12V DC electromotor with gearbox. These motors are controlled with a PWMoutput of the microcontroller. To provide enough current and to invert the direction of rotation, a Hbridge (L6203) is placed in the circuit. The input of the motor is now between 0V and 12V.

Note: The dimensions of the H-bridge on the PCB are a little too small.
Note1: The connections ‘PWM’ and ‘Bit’ on the Hbridge are possibly topsy-turvy. 
Note2: The pin 11 is the enable bit. If you don’t want the robot to ’jump’ a bit when you program a new code in the microcontroller, you can use here a switch between 0-5V. 

Note: The PCB files can be downloaded on the page ‘Results and thanks’.

Matthias Borremans, Joost Geeroms, Frank Jonckheere and Sara Van Rossem

Design and building of a football playing robot

   i, BallL
(handsome) intelligent Ball Locatorh

Project Mechatronics 2009-2010                   VUB