This website was created by engineering students of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). You can find information about the accomplishment of a rehabilitation device. This project fits in the context of the course Mechatronics, which is given by Professor Bram Vanderborght.
Rehabilitation robotics
Rehabilitation robotics is a special branch of robotics that focuses on machines that can be used to help people recover from serious physical trauma. Rehabilitation robotics is just beginning to make major advance in the world of physical therapy, but the results have been miraculous in many cases
The future of rehabilitation robots is very exciting, with a number of technologies being developed that are effective and pioneering promising results. As the technology evolves, the prices will fall so that rehabilitation robotics become an opportunity for people at every income level.
What you will find here
On this website you will find information about a hand-recovery-robot. Everything from conecpt, design, component specifications to relisation and programming code can be found on this website. For questions or remarks please contact one of the team members (see 'Team').