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ir. Joost Geeroms

Researcher, PhD candidate

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Building Z - Room ZT 001c
Pleinlaan , 2
B-1050 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 6291836
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Joost Geeroms was born in Aalst, Belgium in 1989 and currently lives in Liedekerke. He received the Master of Science degree in Engineering Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in 2011. Currently, hes a PHD researcher, working on the FP7-CYBERLEGs project, which investigates an artificial cognitive and robotic system for transfemoral amputees that replaces the lower limb and assists in daily-life activities. Within the CYBERLEGs team, he is working on the prosthesis design and control.


See Prosthetic Devices.

Master's Thesis (2011)

Study and Design of an Actuated Below-Knee Prosthesis
Promoter: Prof. dr. ir. Dirk Lefeber
Copromoter: Prof. dr. ir. Bram Vanderborght
Advisor: Pierre Cherelle Up

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