How does it work?


The Beer Robot is a robot that can be easily controlled with any device equipped with bluetooth, such as Smartphones or Tablet.




1. Open the Play Store in your device






2. Download the app: Bluetooth Serial Controller

In fact you can download any bluetooth connecter app. It was chosen this onesbecause its the easiest one to program given that it has an easy interface





3. Using the app


To use the robot with the maximum comfort, you should define each button in order to send the commands as efficiently as possible. If you are interested of how it was programmed, take a look on programation .

You can write a name and a command for each button in preference. Our robot has 8 functions, so in commands the only thing you will have to do is write the number of the function.

  • Function "0" : Shuts down the Robot
  • Function "1": Turns on the Beer robot
  • Function "2": Makes the Beer robot advance at a constant Speed
  • Function "3ยท: Makes the robot go back at a constant speed
  • Function "4": The robot turns right
  • Function "5": The robot turns left
  • Function "6": The robot stops
  • Function "7": Makes the robot dance




4. Connect with the Beer Robot


Once everything is ready, you only need to connect with the Robot. You must turn on the bluetooth on your device and then connect it with the following device displayed

HC-06 (20:14:10:15:13:04)

If is the first time you are connecting with the beer robot, he will ask you to put a pasword. It is an easy one : 1234




5. ENJOY!!


The member group

  • Geoffrey Desadeleer
  • Ali Ahmad Ghandour
  • Kevin Malgarini
  • Alvaro Lloret de Muller

Contact the Bruface


Address: Paul Heger 22, 1000, Bruxelles