Arduino Tutorial






    The team is composed of 4 foreign students and 1 ULB student. Binlei and François are Chinese, Tommaso and Daniele are Italian students  and Marin is Belgian.
    The main issues encountered during the realisation of the project was to deal with the gap between the different students basic knowledges since the foreign students did not have the same courses in their country than the one tought in ULB and VUB during their Bachelor Degree. Moreover they did not do any projects until now about electronics, informatic and control. Even some of them only had seen some theory about informatic but never coded before in practice. Also the language is a problem since it is the first year they are in Belgium, so English was not optimal at the start.
    The difficulty in this group is thus that there is only one student that knows more or less how the university works and what are the archievements required in that kind of project because he studied in it for 3 years.
    Despite those starting issues, days by days everyone tried to find its place in the group and even if the basic knowledges were not so good, with the time they improved. Thanks to a quite good organization, everyone brought some piece to the puzzle and learned new skills thanks to the diversity of the individual skills present in the group and specially to the new skills required and learned to make a correct robot.
    Finally, some extra-project activities like eating together invited by someone of the group at his home made a good sfeer in the team to calm down evenetual stresses that could occur due to the several deadlines during the three intensive months.


Tommaso Zara

Daniele Vignoni

Binlei Ding

Marin Kestemont

Siyuan Wang