During this project, we got help from several people. We probably would go this far if it wasn't for them, so a little "thank you" is certainly in place here.

Jean-Pol was always a big help finding us the right material, manufacturing our printed circuit board, looking for the right electronic component. His door was always open and he was always helpful. Thank you.


GabriŽl and DaniŽl. Luckily for us, they were able to manufacture the parts we needed for our Vertigo out the drawings we made. They did this with a great amount of precision and craftsmanship. They thought us the correct way of displaying measurements on a technical drawing and guarded us for the most common errors. Thank you.



Sabine. She is the web wizard who lent more than a hand to help us put together this website. Thank you.


Ronald and Bram, the two teaching assistants that were in charge of the mechatronics projects. Thank you.