Brachiation bot

TEAM1 - Project - Brachiationbot - 2012-2013


On this section, you will find :
Firstly, the technical drawings of different parts.
Finally, the 3D viewing.

All the inventor files can be downloaded here.

The torque and speed limitations obtained from the swinging section imposed restrictions on the mechanical design :

  • Mass less than 200 g
  • Height less than 12 cm

1. Technical drawings

For the reasons of simple, light, and fashion brachiation robot, the mechanical structure shown below was chosen for this project.

1.1 Grippers

Gripper part 1
Figure 1: Gripper part 1
Gripper part 2
Figure 2: Gripper part 2

1.2 Arms

Arm part 1
Figure 3: Arm part 1
Arm part 2
Figure 4: Arm part 2

1.3 Preview of the final result

Preview of the final result
Figure 5: Preview of the final result

2. 3D viewing

3d viewing
Figure 5: 3D viewing

The gripper parts were made by 3D printer and the arm parts were made by mean of a laser-cutter. Concerning the material selection, we used the plexiwood for the arms and the ABS plastic for the grippers.
The assembly between all parts was done by using M3 screws.