Are you interested of how it was tested?


To control this robot we used the code that can be found and explained in the Programmation part, but if you are interested of how we developped the and tested everything there are few videos that show some steps that we followed to program it


1. First Step: Getting the Bluetooth Module to work

On this video it is shown how we got the bluetooth to work


2. Second step: Program the code to get the motors working with the bluetooth module

On this video it is shown how we were able to control the motors with the bluetooth module


3. Third step. Leaving the arduino behind!

This time, we show how the we get the motors to work, but this time without the help of the arduino.


4. Four Step: Applying the leds display

On this video we show how the eyes of the beer robot will react at the functions defined


5. Final Step: Testing the electronichs with the mechanics

Finally, with this video we assembly the motors with the mechanical structure and test if the robot works



The member group

  • Geoffrey Desadeleer
  • Ali Ahmad Ghandour
  • Kevin Malgarini
  • Alvaro Lloret de Muller

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Address: Paul Heger 22, 1000, Bruxelles