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Final result:
1. Final result
2. Possible improvements

Final result

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After a long work, many solutions found due to unexpected problems and many hours spent  
in the laboratory, we finally managed to complete our project. Indeed, our robot performs  
to perfection the specifications that we set at the begining. As you can see on the video,  
the robot works as expected in two phases: the update of the time and the writing of time  
every minute.
Functional Roboclock

Possible improvements
Although our robot works as expected, we believe that some improvements can be made:
Better tip for writing
The tip was cut on a white board marker. It therefore dries very quickly which is not  
practical for extended use. Another writing system or an easy way to recharge the tip can  
therefore improve the quality of the robot.

Writing in calligraphy format
Use the motors at the same time to be able to write calligraphy  digits instead of the digital  
format. However, this improvement requires further programming and a change of certain  
components in order to no longer control the motors sequentially.

Provide cooling
Although they were equipped with heat sinks, the two voltage regulators (see here) heat a  
lot. Provide a cooling system to prevent damage to the electronics can be beneficial for the  
longevity of the robot.
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RoboCLOCK - Mechatronics Project

Final Result
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