1. Plug in the Hand Training Robot The power supply is plugged in via transformer. If the red LED is lighting, it’s OK. Note that a second power supply is required for the joystick in mode Video Game.

  2. Choose the parameters

    The home window suggests to choose the difficulty, the playing time and the style of the game. On the right to the screen, use the potentiometer to change and the pushbutton to select the values of the parameters:

    • Level : from level 1 to level 10, or easy to difficult
    • Exercises : Select the number of pinches to do
    • Mode : Classic, Challenge, Reflex or Video Game (see below)
      • Mode Classic :
        Once you do all the pinches at your level, you win!

      • Mode Challenge :
        Each time you do all the pinches at one level, you pass at the next level.
        To win, you must finish the tenth level.

      • Mode Reflex :
        Win points by pinching quickly when the green LED flashes. If you are too low, you lose one point.

      • Video Game :
        Don’t forget to plug in the joystick. Now, you can play to Mario Kart! Move and control your kart with the joystick and attack by pinching.

    • Gender : Man or woman ?