Programming and Software

First of all, we had to implement our software on the PCB. In order to do so, we connected the Arduino board to the PCB with the TX pin, the RX pin, the 5V, the ground and the reset, and we loaded the program via the USB port.

Our program was written to be the most readable as possible and commented as much as possible. It can be found here.

The main outline of the code is detailed below:


The program begins to initialize every variables, every output, input,...
For instance, the red power led is set as an output at high state (it’s turned on as long as the power supply is connected).
Besides, the motor is initialized and defined as a servo object (use of the Servo.h library) and the LCD display is define as a 4x20 screen.
This is also the part where we display the welcome messages and the instruction for the course of events.