The Maze Robot

The organisation

The project had to be managed by the group. Although there were some deliverables to make the team realized the different goals to achieve at a certain time. In fact, these deliverables were:

In order to be efficient, the team (4 people) divided the work in 2 parts and make 2 teams (2 people in each team), each person being associated with his favorite tasks:

  • Mechanical part (think the design of the robot, make the CAD files, construct the robot,...)
  • Electronics and programming part (think the electronic, make the PCB-Layout,...)

Make a report in the form of a website was something new for all the members of the group, then in order not to be surprised by the quantity of work to make the website at the end of the project, a member of the team began to work on it in the middle of the scheduling. That was a good idea because making a website was not an easy task.

From all the tasks which has been done, once which take the most of the time is the making of the CAD files, the consequence was annoying, it introduced a delay in the construction of the robot and then a delay in the programming.

The website has been made in HTML5 & CSS3 by following the tutorial of OpenClassrooms.