Cost Analysis

The total cost is: 77.45 euro


The 3 mm MDF plates were provided by the university for free but a price can be estimated:

It concerns: Price:
2 laser cutting trainings 10.00 euro
122cm x 61cm x 0.3cm MDF plate 6.00 euro
Laser cutting 10.00 euro
Total 26.00 euro


The gears were 3D printed for free at the university and the two motors were also provided. However, the price can be estimated:

It concerns: Price:
2 Futuba S3003 10.00 euro
3D printing: 4 gears 10.00 euro
Total 20.00 euro


The electronic components were especially resistors and capacitors that were already available in the lab. Yet, an estimation of their price will also be included:

It concerns: Price:
MC1496 demodulator 0.67 euro
NE555D timer chip 0.19 euro
IR Sensor Sharp GP2Y0A41 7.75 euro
1 Op-Amp LM324 0.29 euro
2 9V batteries 5.09 euro
18 resistors (0.22k, 1k, 10k, 1.2k, 0.82k, 3.3k) 5.87 euro
2 variable resistors (0-10k and 0-0.5k) 4.10 euro
15 capacitors (1nF, 4.7nF 10nF, 100nF and 1µF) 3.72 euro
1 polarized capacitor (10 µF) 0.47 euro
3 coils (2.2mH and 10mH) 3.15 euro
3 diodes 0.15 euro
Total 31.45 euro