The result was not as good as hoped. Whether we really succeeded in our mission or not, we leave to you. Decide for yourself.

Movie 1

The robot can’t find the bal due to the influence of the window. After resetting, the robot thinks he has the ball already and drives towards the goal (in which he succeeds)

Movie 2

The robot can find the bal and hold it, but is unable to locate the goal because the inputs for the IR reflective sensors were broken. We had to replace our microcontroller.

Movie 3

The other robot was unfair and thought he could win by destroying our robot, in which he almost succeeded, but luckily, he was disqualified (and rightly so).

Movie 4

The robot moves towards the bal, but just before the dribbler is able to grab the bal, the ultrasonic sensor gives a signal that the robot has the bal, so the robot turns and loses the ball. (This was adjusted by changing the trigger of the ultrasonic sensor)

Movie 5

Again, the robot is able to find and grab the bal, but the input of the IR reflective sensors was already broken, so he couldn’t find the goal.

After solving all this problems, the robot did actually work well, but unfortunately we don’t have a movie of that.



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