The team is composed by three students from the VUB and two students from the ULB. As five students represents a lot of working power, all parts of the project were started as soon as possible and attributed to different students. As the project involved a lot of micro-decisions regarding the design that were to be taken together, the group gathered as often as possible when working. The work tasks were mainly divided as following:

  • 3D printing management : Joséphine, Paola & Mikael
  • Building of the structure : Grégoire
  • Mechanics design : Joséphine
  • Electronics : Paola, Loïc & Mikael
  • Programming : Paola & Loïc
  • PCB design : Mikael
  • Assembling : Joséphine & Grégoire
  • Website : Loïc
Joséphine Theunissen
Paola Torrico Morón
Grégoire Hupin
Mikael Delgado Gomez
Loïc Delgado Sedano